Frequently Asked Questions

Website Development F.A.Q.

You will have access to a user-friendly interface that makes editing text, images and other content easy. New pages and products in your brand style are fast and straightforward to create.

Website is a key part of any successful business. It is essential for businesses to have a well-designed website in order to reach a greater audience, increase sales and establish a strong online presence. We will develop website that will help your business to achieve all of these goals by creating a website that is optimised to appear higher in search engine results, keep users engaged and draw more traffic to the website.

Our web development packages start at just £450. If you leave your requirements – if known – and details on our contact page, and we’ll get back to you soon with an estimate.  

Once the website is built, you will have complete ownership. 

Most large companies have dedicated teams to continually develop and improve their website. Depending on the size you can expect a website build to take between three weeks – three months to complete. Understanding your needs and mapping out your user’s journey will make the process more efficient.

You may have come across companies such as: Drupal, WordPress, Wix and Squarespace – the truth is most content management systems offer similar services to help your business thrive online. Visual appearance, clean code, pages and copy optimised for search engines are all equally important when it comes to retaining existing users and attract new ones.  

Digital Marketing F.A.Q.

Digital marketing allows you to reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. You can reach more customers with less expenditure than traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing also allows you to understand your audience in greater detail than traditional face-to-face interactions. This understanding can help you make better decisions for future campaigns, products and communications. 

Digital marketing can increase your audience size and sales by using social media platforms and paid search ads. Specifically target existing customers, keeping them up-to-date with sales and promotions via emails or exclude previous customers and run efficient promotions to a new customer base. 

One of the biggest changes in consumer behaviour that digital marketing has made in the past few years is that modern consumers expect a more consistent and personalised experience. Comparing your products and services with a competitor has never been easier. Now along with quality products, post-purchase experience and customer support has become equally important to your customers’ decision making process.

Digital marketing includes Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click advertising, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation etc. All of these help introduce people to your company. Once you connect with your customers, if they find value in your proposition, they will buy your product and/or service. The best practice is to stay connected with your audience and continue to engage with them in a positive manner, in this way you maximise your chance for them to return and become a long-term advocate of your brand.